Flow’s Signature Espresso Blend


Blend Details:

Made out just of some of the finest Arabica qualities . It is ideal for a very good cup of espresso . It is sweet with an emergent positive acidity and full body , due to the attention given to the choice of the single qualities and to the medium to intense roasting level. The aftertaste reminds of almonds, walnuts and candied fruit.

Sensory Profile:

The color of the cream is light brown with reflections tending to mahogany and ginger shades that , with the presence of lighter streaks, create uniform stripes. The resistance of the cream is great, with a fine texture. The aroma is pleasing and intense. The scent of candied and dried fruit emerges from the aromatic taste of freshly baked bread. The flavors are perfectly balanced , the body is velvety and full , the aftertaste is persistent with fruity and spices sensations that melt with the baked bread tastes.

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