We want to provide the world with the best quality of products.

How it all Begun

Our passion to give everyone a complete experience of a great atmosphere and quality products was our motive. Flow’s journey began with just serving Beverages and Coffee products in Cyprus.

Using our experience in Coffee , we created our very own Blend of coffee beans. We got the finest Arabica Qualities , creating a flavor so unique to the human taste. Next step was to make a menu competing to the world of coffeeshops but also attractive to the customer’s likes . After a lot of tasting and tries we finally created our recipes for our signature beverages. Our menu today inlcudes espresso based beverages , our signature crafted chocolates and etc.

After a succesful introduction to the world of coffeeshops, we decided to look even further . We started learning about the art of gastronomy. It took us almost 2 years of testing in order to get the best flavors . January 2019 we introduced to the people of Cyprus FlowKitchen, it is a fully open kitchen serving whatever you created alongside our again very own recipes. Giving choice of Breakfast, Pastas, Burgers, Spare ribs, Salads, Sandwiches / Wraps. Moreover, of course our own Crepes, Waffles and Pancakes.


We successfully serve people everyday our finest products prodiving the best experience possible . Our location serves our signature beverage and food recipes , alongside the coldest beer possible 

An Amazing Team

Our team is our power! We all share the same goal to serve and provide the best gastronomic experience for everyone, respecting their personal taste and desires.

Our experienced and creative chefs cater to you the ultimate mouth-watering experience.

A kind smile and a friendly personality are the key “ingredients” for a happy and a cooperative team.